Existing VR videos

I have researched existing VR documentaries which has allowed me to gain more knowledge on how VR works and final outcomes.

Waves of grace – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylJSl3iQIR4

This VR has a very natural theme due to the content in the video. I like the way the story has been set out. Also having this video as a VR helps me feel as if i’m experiencing the documentary first hand – Like i’ve teleport-ed. I also like the low and high tones used in the different clips. It gives the video a contrast. Lastly, the voice over used is very powerful. It compliments the clips in the video very well and gives the documentary more depth.

Highway of tears – https://youtu.be/Q-gRYS3LXvA

This VR really explores the issues included in the video. The interviews gives me, the viewer a better insight of the issues and allows me to gain an opinion. Visually, the scene i liked the most in the video is the VR capture at a birds eye-view. This is the first i’ve seen this angle of shooting used in VR form. I think it is a very effective shot. Lastly, I like the non-digetic sound (birds) at the end of the video, which is used while text appears. This ends the video in a very soothing note.


Hong Kong Unrest – http://www.hongkongunrest.com/

This VR is different to the first two because the person filming is very head-on, as they are involved in their surroundings. Also, the VR has a few tracking shots which aren’t ideal for virtual reality, however i think the video has a good outcome using this technique. Lastly, I also like the voice over, as well as the digetic sound from the crowds in the protests. This enhances my experience and made me feel more involved.

Overall I enjoyed watching all three videos as they all gave me a different experience, as they were different in their own way. I have also gained some valuable techniques which i will share with the rest of my group.


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