Topic Research – Lizzie The Elephant

As a group we decided to focus on Lizzie the elephant, which was the main inspiration for the charity. Lizzie is an elephant that was important to Sheffield’s steel industry in 1916 during WW1. Lizzie was one of the most important workers in the Sheffield’s steel industry in 1961. Lizzie was recruited by Ward to replace horses that were requisitioned by the military to serve in Europe during the war. Lizzie was also a symbol of how welcoming the city of Sheffield was and continued to be for people from all over the world. For this reason we have chose to focus our documentary around her.

As well as Lizzie, we have also focused on a charity called the Herd of Sheffield, which is focused on different elephant sculptures for the Children’s hospital. The herd descended on Sheffield for the biggest public art event in the city. The trail of 58 celebrated Sheffield’s creativity with over 75% of artists from the city. Some of which we decide on interviewing for the documentary.

The Children’s hospital charity, helps children recover and puts workshops for children to provide distractions. They collaborate with artists and designers to work directly on improving their space. As a group, we have decided to create a documentary that includes graphics, animation, video and sound which would be fun for the patients, as well as the other target audience that we have aimed our project at.

This research has been useful because it informed us on the history of Lizzie the elephant, what the Herd of Sheffield charity was about, as well as what the charity does for the children at the hospital. It has also helped us decide what we wanted to include in our documentary.



The University of Sheffield. 7 July 2016. Lizzie the elephant: how an elephant captured the heart of the city. Visited at:

Herd of Sheffield. 2017. Visited at:

The Children’s Hospital Charity. 2017. Visited at:




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