Individual contribution -Logo | Website | App UI | VR mockup

In terms of independent roles, I took on the role of the website, logo, app UI and VR mock-up for the exhibition, because I believe that user interface is one of my strong points and something that I felt comfortable with creating.

Logo – The logo that I created is an illustration/type based logos because I think they are very distinctive. The function of the logo is to inform the audience that the ‘Lizzie the Elephant’ is about an elephant. Therefore it will be a visual interpretation of the elephant. The colours used are orange/grey/white. I have made two versions of the logo so that I can play around with the colour contrasts, once the logo is applied to the different mediums.

Website – To start of the website research  I analysed two existing museum websites called Tate modern & V&A. I then researched common conventions/fundamentals used on websites similar. The four different features that I focused on were: Tones & language | Layout | colour | Font.

Tone and language – the feelings expressed when seeing colour. When the audience views the website I wanted them to feel vibrant and excited. This is because I want it to attract the target audience, as well as express a lively theme. The overall tone will be simple, with the right colour palette, which will automatically associate with the topic of the documentary/website.

 Layout – the layout used for the website will be simple. The colour layout used will be a colour block, which is a block of colour in design that gives the layout a bold feel. All the elements on the website will be aligned in the centre using a grid and there will be a hierarchy using different sizes and weights of either text, video or images to create paths. Lastly, white space will be included to help define separate areas on the website.

Colours – Colour strikes different emotions depending on the person. I will use colour to make certain elements on the website stand out. The background will be a solid orange colour. It will be bold but not distracting to make sure it doesn’t take away the message of the website.

Font – The font used will be century gothic for the main text and a custom font called Animatic for the headings. The reason why I have chosen to use these fonts is because they are easily readable, despite the size that they are scaled at. The animatic font gives off a fun, playful vibe.

Overall I want the website to be an expression and create excitement.

App UI – Similar to the website, the app will carry the same fundamentals. The only different will be the features added. The app will be more interactive, for example there will be a QR scan code, photo feature and more information about the artists and elephants.

QR code – At the exhibition there will be a QR code for each elephant sculpture on display, which the user can scan and get additional information on the app.

Photo feature – This can be enabled in the app. This will allow the user to take a photo with a lizzie the elephant filter. This will enhance interactivity with the user and the exhibition.

The app will also include the documentary video, which will be paired with the VR cardboard mock-up which I have created. This is to allow the user to continue their experience in the comfort of their own home or in their own time. Therefore the app can be used at the exhibition or other places. The VR cardboard mock-up uses the same colour scheme and font as the other branding used for the documentary.

Overall the app will be used to enhance the users experience and enable more interactivity, in addition to the VR itself.


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