Team work & Communication

Effective team work and communication was an important element because it helped us deliver a high quality product. As well as, helped us build a relationship because we haven’t met anyone in our group before hand.

Communication in particular was critical and driven by all of the team because it helped bring us together and accomplish our end goal. When communicating, we raised a lot of good ideas and all provided input which established an open, supportive environment among us. This also allowed us to learn from each other. In order to communicate we used different methods, which included using online platforms (Slack & Facebook), as well as verbal. The online platform Slack in particular was useful because it allowed us to share our ideas in depth with picture and links to provide more information. This gave us a visual platform and helped us link the documentary together.  Facebook chat was also useful because it helped us plan meetings quickly and pass on any urgent messages that we needed to share within the group.

We also  used brainstorming on paper, as a method of communication.  This was useful because we came together as a group and shared all ideas or adjustments that we thought needed to be made in a fast and efficient way. Because we used effective communication we were able to successfully meet the deadline. Also, because we asked each other questions, built trust and shared the work load between each other we were able to work together in a great working environment.

Lastly, all the team member had different skills and levels of knowledge when it came to software, fundamentals and communicating. Each of our platforms whether it be in filming, photography, editing, graphic design, sound or animation has its own rules and skill sets. None the less, as the group we share our knowledge on all these platforms to improve the products we produced and the way we communicated.


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